9 Things Every Dog Owner Must Do To Protect Their Pooch


In the UK, 26% of the adult population own a dog, with an estimated 9.9 million pet dogs.

So, going by that statistic, 1 in 4 people who read this post will also have a pet dog of their own. Have you ever thought what would happen to your beloved dog should you no longer be here? Out of this, only 9% have made arrangements for their pet when they’re gone.

If you were going on holiday, you would make arrangements for who would look after your pup while you’re away like the following.

  • Arrange kennel care, or for friends or family to look after your dog.
  • What do they eat? Do they have special dietary requirements, how many times a day etc.
  • How many walks do they need a day?
  • Where do they sleep? In a crate, dog bed, in your bed?
  • What treats are they allowed?
  • What’s their favourite toy?
  • Are they well behaved? Have they got a good or bad temperament?
  • Are they good with children?
  • Are they allowed to sit on furniture?

So why haven’t you planned for when you pass away?

In England and Wales, pets are considered possessions meaning they can be gifted in a Will. As with children under the age of 18, you must choose the right Beneficiary, and a substitute Beneficiary to ensure your pet is looked after by the right person. You must speak with these people before appointing them to make sure they have the time and space to look after your dog, and also to make sure no one in their households have allergies that may cause them to get rid of your dog.

You should also make sure you leave enough money to fund your pets care, including food, vet visits and insurance. This can be sorted by leaving funds in a discretionary trust in your Will, which you can also leave instructions for where the rest of the money goes if your pet was to die.

If you don’t make these arrangements for your dog they will end up in a shelter with the possibility they will never find a family to care for them again. Imagine man’s best friends with no man to keep company.

There is something that will help you with this. “Passed On” was written to help you store all this information in one place which will be incredibly useful for your family when you’re gone. Would they be able to look after your dog correctly? This book stores everything your loved ones will need to know, so you can relax knowing it will all be okay!


It’s the definitive most comprehensive guide ever given away – what you have is a blue print to organise your financial affairs and get your house in order whilst you are capable and of sound mind. Fill out this book and your loved ones will be forever grateful.

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