9 Things Every Parent MUST Do For Their Children

WARNING: Do you have children under the age of 18?

Hopefully you have made arrangements in your Will for their legal guardian when you pass! If not they will be put into care, and potentially siblings will be pulled apart. Is that what you want to put your kids through after the heartbreak of losing you?

If you have got your Will sorted, have you thought about the little things? Will the appointed guardian know everything they need to?

Such as:

  • Medical Conditions
  • Allergies
  • Medication
  • Doctors/Dentist Surgeries
  • Where is their Passport? Birth Certificate?
  • Where is their School?
  • Any Learning Difficulties?
  • When’s their Birthday?
  • What is their religion?

These are just some of the incredibly important things that you will need to note down as instructions for your kids guardians. If you are wondering where a safe place to store this information is, look no further!

‘Passed On’ has an entire chapter dedicated to your Child’s needs and wants that their new guardian will need to know. This book will help you keep all your affairs in order, storing information that only you may know.

‘Passed On’ may also be helpful for your children over the age of 18. Obviously they do not require a legal guardian, but perhaps they’re not quite ready to live on their own, or need a little more guidance from a parental figure. You can store your wishes for who you would like them to live with when you’re gone, however it is not legally binding. It’s also a good idea to store their personal information as well as your younger children, as I’m sure they don’t know where you keep their birth certificate!

If you think you need this book, follow the link below to download ‘Passed On’ completely FREE today!


“It’s never too early, but it’s often too late!”