How to talk to your family about Estate Planning


Estate Planning is a difficult topic to talk about with those close to you. Who wants to think about a time when you’re no longer here?

Although it may be tough to have these conversations, they are essential. Those around you will be affected by the decisions you make in your Will. It may also lead to the falling out of your loved ones, if there is a lack of communication, someone may feel they aren’t benefiting as well as another named in your Will may be. Communication is KEY on this topic and we believe you should sit your family down to talk about your plans.

You can reduce disagreements by speaking to your family before you’ve actually made any plans. It helps if the people around feel like they might have a say. Hearing your family’s life plans may also impact on your decision. For example someone may be in need of a family home, whereas someone else might be looking to start a business so would prefer to inherit money to kick-start that.

With this in mind, it is also a good idea to then have another conversation after the Will has been made, to ensure everyone understands why you made certain decisions to prevent any fallout and so there are no surprises.

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