Estate Planning in the Digital Age


Have you ever sat and wondered about what might happen to your social media, your emails, or even your online banking when you pass away?

You might be ok with these accounts floating around on the internet forever, or you might want them deactivated after your passing.

To make this easier for your loved ones, it is a good idea to log all the information that you don’t include in your will in a safe place. This could be on a computer, or even on a piece of paper.

We have a solution that is incredibly helpful! We have created a book that includes everything you might need people to know after your passing, such as passwords to all your accounts, your bank and building society numbers, who you want or don’t want to attend your funeral and so much more!

This can be purchased on Amazon for £29.99, just click Here! It has 175 pages to be filled.  Or if you’d rather a free digital copy, continue reading!

Please note this book is not a valid Will. It is just a product we have produced to make your loved ones lives easier once you have Passed On.

If you are interested in writing a will, click here to fill out a form for one of our brilliant team to get in contact with you for a consultation, completely free of charge! This link also gives you the opportunity to receive a free copy of our book via email. You can fill it out on your computer, smartphone, tablet or print it off to be handwritten if you’d rather.

This book was written by Managing Director, Tony Ashbolt a few years ago. He gave a draft copy to his dear mum who filled it all out and filed it away in her study. Unfortunately, she suddenly passed away in 2018, leaving the whole family distressed, but one thing that was easy was sorting her online accounts, knowing who to inform of her passing, contacting her doctors surgery, cancelling any subscriptions and many more. All of this was simple because she stored all the information into this book. So in 2019, Tony decided to publish this book, to help others all over the world, and we have received nothing but positive reviews since.

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